Pokies – Australian for Slots

A Pokie machine or ‘Pokie’ are the most popular games within the entire Australian online casino industry . The phenomenon of pokies in Australia originated when Microgaming released a game called ‘Thunderstruck’ in 2004; this lead to pokies becoming available online; allowing the excitement and entertainment capture the nation. Pokies consist of three or more reels. These reels are decorated in symbols or pictures; the player will need to spin the reel to match one, several or all symbols to win a cash prize depending on the type of game chosen.

There are many applications for laptops, tablets, mobiles and other devices which enable the Australians to play for free or with real money, anywhere and at any time. There are many cash bonuses and prizes; the rise in online casino pokies means that there are people constantly joining the game rooms, allowing some bonuses to reach up to AU$2000. Australian players immerse themselves in online pokies due to all the ongoing developments within the industry. Nowadays you can expect to play with 3D software which provides players with highly detailed graphics; many casino software companies are now creating their very own 3D pokies. Every new and improved game provides the player with more features, spins and wild cards; these games are going to keep improving in the future to ensure more and more people will enjoy their exciting experience. Many of the online pokies offer unlimited play for free, welcome bonuses and the ability to download hundreds of games. Microgaming is the most popular and largest in the online casino software industry in Australia; providing the nations favourite pokies to Australia’s reputable online casinos such as All Slots Casino, Jackpot City and Spin Palace. Jackpot City and Spin Palace are licensed with a high welcome bonus. Joiners to the All Slots Casino will receive a AU$200 welcome bonus. All detais are confidential and there are a range of ways to deposit and withdraw your money from these online casino accounts in a completely safe manner. Return To Player (RTP), percentages are a major advantage when comparing online pokies and land based pokies; the average return to player percentage is over 95%. The jackpots on online pokies are much higher than land based pokies, even entering millions of Australian Dollars. There are limits that a player is able to set with a maximum of how much they want to spend, this is an attraction to many pokies players as it means they can play responsibly. Another advantage of online pokies is that the player is able to view a payout table; this will help the player increase their game strategy and their amount of possible winnings. Players are able to read the instructions available so that they can feel completely comfortable with the game before having to deposit any money. Progressive Jackpots are a fantastic way to receive the highest payout win. Finally, there are pokie games available in which a multi- player option is available; this means that a group of friends or anyone over the internet can play competitively on the same poker machines; this is a new and developing way to play the online games.

With such a large choice of websites like onlinepokiesaustralia.org offering many online pokies, players are able to take part in any game to suit their criteria and of course their skill set; from beginners to avid pokie players, there will always be games to suit every players’ individual needs.

The biased wheel

Casinos are the best places to hangout. People go there to enjoy, earn money and lose some. You can play many games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and other games. It is risky to play games and there are many rules which might confuse you. Being a Casino owner, I should not tell you this but yes, it does happen to people that they get confused.

I started playing Roulette and made some dollars. Even I got confused with the rules and regulations of the casino. Starting a casino was a big challenge. I had to follow the government rules and regulations and take some contracts. It was painful but it was worth taking pain. I liked Roulette and included them in my casino. I had bought some small wheel for my Casino sometime before.

Having a history of more than two centuries, Roulette has become one of the most famous games in the casino world. Surprisingly, this popular and amazing game was invented by a French physicist, mathematician Dr Blaise Pascal. Yes, he was not a casino owner. It was derived from a few American and Italian games.

Symbol of simplicity

Roulette is one of the simplest games in the betting world. You don’t have many rules to understand and you can easily manage to earn some profit. Roulette is visualised as a setup which with a table and a small wheel rotating on the top and a ball moving around the circumference, waiting to go into some hole. However, I feel it is much more than that. The wooden bowl with a ball represents various casinos and even, the gambling industry. It is manufactured with some standards. These standards are followed strictly.

Biasness of the wheel

The whole game is of the wheel. If you don’t take proper care of the wheel, your game will be biased. The wheel can be impartial, if you ignore it. I had faced many problems. The board leaned on one side in one case because of improper use. It created many problems for my casino. In another case, one fret or division loosened up. It also created a bad impression on the customers. It created bias and I faced many problems and incurred a huge loss. I lost many customers and bank balance as well. I remembered the case of Joseph Jagger who employed six clerks and researched about the biased wheels and earned millions. This classic case of 19th century is remembered at every casino and Joseph is often referred as “Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo”. I replaced the Roulettes and ensured that I take proper care of them, this time.

Parts of the wheel, which are biased are barely notable by the players and dealers. The best way to note the biasness is to see the wheel carefully. It should be observed for a long time as Mr Jagger did, once upon a time. Nevertheless, this is nothing but a waste of time in today’s casinos as they maintain the wheel and they change the place of the Roulettes from time to time. Thus, an experienced player, if by chance, gets a biased table, he can earn thousands of dollars.

You, as an owner of casino, should make sure that your Roulette is not biased. Ensuring that your machine works fine will first save your bank balance because you never know when some Joseph Jagger will enter your casino and can snatch your bank balance. The other thing is it will ensure that you don’t have a bad image in the eyes of customer’s. Thus, to save your casinos reputation and your cash, you need to have a well maintained Roulette.

What is the little wheel?

Little wheel is what the French word Roulette means. Roulette was derived from a combination of games played by the Italian and the Englishmen in the 18th century. Developed in France, the game is devised from some games like roly-Poly, E.O, Ace of Hearts etc. which are the famous English wheel games, combined with some Italian board games like Biribi and Hoca.

It is one of the most popular games in the world of casino’s and betting. The huge fan following is because of the simplicity of the game. Even I started playing because of the simplicity of the game. I learnt a lot about the game by winning and losing many bets. The important point was I did not give up. You need to understand the game to make some money out of it. You should have a sixth sense which a result of your experience in game is. People make millions in the game. I made a few thousands.

This game involves a croupier spinning a wheel in a direction and ball in the opposite direction. As the ball will lose momentum, moving around the circumference of the wheel, it will fall in one pocket. As soon as this happens, the winner will get a smile on his face and others will look disappointed.

How to start?

Well, don’t make the mistake that I did. I jumped into the sea, without knowing how to swim. You need to understand the game first. Understanding how it works will help you while you bet. You may read many sites and read about how to make money from playing Roulette. You can read experiences about bets and many other things to start with. After doing the research for a few days, you need to start playing. Don’t bet for higher amounts initially. Understand how the game works. Make little profits first and then go for the big win!


There are two types of bets – Inner and outer. The inside bets include selection of the pockets where the ball will fall. It can be the selection of many numbers based on the position of the ball. The outside bets includes the different colours where the ball can land, identifying whether the ball will fall in an odd or an even number, different groupings of the pockets based on the position.

The pay-outs depend on the kind of risk involved in the bet. If the odds of winning are rare, the pay-out will be high and vice-versa. Remember the golden rule: Lesser probability, higher are the pay-outs. There are a lot of strategies people invented to win a bet in Roulette.

One of the first strategies used by people was the Martingale betting strategy. They suffered a huge financial loss. One more strategy was the Fibonacci system, which is based on the usage of Fibonacci series to predict some number. There are other mathematical derivations and explanations of winning a bet. They may seem convincing as well. You may apply some or all of them in your game. Bet according to the money you have and don’t lose hope.

How to bet in a Roulette game?

Playing in Online casinos is the best way to keep oneself entertained. These casinos have some interesting offerings like blackjack, poker, video slots etc. I am an avid follower of online casinos. I have won as well as lost. However, the thing that keeps me going is the level of excitement. I like playing roulette the most because the game excites me. Roulette is one of the biggest games in the gaming world because of its lucidity.

I started off with losing in the game and then eventually, understood how to play it. I understood the different types of pay-outs and learnt by myself when to bet on what. After learning the tricks, it’s easy to play Roulette. But first, understand the basics of pay-out, so that you can spend the money accordingly.

The riskier ones: You need to shell out some cash to understand how the wheel works. The most profitable yield will be from straight bets. They are the riskiest of all as the odds of winning it are very low. You need to choose one number from 36 numbers. So the chances of winning to losing are in the ratio 1 to 35. So, if you have invested $1, you might get $35 if you win it. Being an amateur few weeks before, I made a straight bet and lost many times. Then I realised, with enthusiasm, you should use some brain. Then, I went on to a different bet in which I could have got the same profit. I had split the bet for two numbers. I bet on two numbers which made the ratio to 1 to 17. This decreased the odds of losing. However, even then, I lost.

Easier ones: Then I realised, I should not put all my eggs in one basket (or two, in my condition). Thus, I used corner bets. The four corners increase your chance by manifolds. The odds of winning to losing become 1 to 8. However, the easiest method is to bet on the colour- Red or Black. The pay-out from these is comparatively lesser but playing on them is not very risky. Say, you had bet $20. If you win, you will get the $20 back and additional $20 with it.

One more bet identical to this is, you can bet on if the ball will land on an even number or an odd one. The rewards are 1 to 1. These pay-outs can vary with the different combinations you will use, but if you repeatedly do it, you might lose your odds of winning and might see your bank balance getting drained!

Roulette is a very interesting game and can make you very excited. However, you should make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes which I did. You should apply some common sense and see what is best for you. If you are playing just for fun and have stacks of notes in your bank for which you are not worried, then go ahead and bet directly. However, if you don’t have a lot of money, play safe! Choosing what bet you make completely depends on your knowledge, gut feeling and bank balance!